I started Sharp Films straight out of university in July 2014, starting from scratch is a real challenge, and you soon realise that the road ahead could get a bit bumpy, which it did.  Year on year my business grew, so did the list of equipment required to do a great job for my clients.  I love my work, the people I meet, the places I travel too and the achievements made and I feel that this show’s in my work. 2017 has turned out to be the best year yet with some really interesting, unique and creative jobs. I have had a lot of repeat business from some of my dedicated clients that love the work I create for them. Also, I have worked with many new clients throughout 2017 which have all been extremely happy with the service we provided. Everything has stepped a notch throughout the year. The Kit, The style and the knowledge has all good bigger and better which means I can keep up the high standard of work that makes Sharp Films stand out from the rest. 2018 is looking like its going to be even more epic, with lots of big plans and exciting shoots in the pipeline. Video Production Exeter

deo Production Exeter

The Clients  – Video Production Exeter

During 2017 I had the pleasure of  meeting and working with lots of fantastic talented people who produce, or are involved with, an array of services, products or activities.  The list is growing, so is the diversity of work, involving the tough extremes of Downhill Biking, to working with Virgin Atlantic, or filming the Exeter Food Festival. It’s not just my own projects I work on, I also work as a second camera operator along with talented Steven Brooks,  on high end productions for a variety of Blue Chip companies. We have a special relationship with our clients. I am taken back by some of the unique ideas that some people turn into really interesting businesses, like a mobile cocktail bar, or exquisite handmade shoes, or a personalised range of outdoor clothing.  The special relationship with our clients extends to consultation, suggestions and recommendation aimed to help boost their presents on the internet. I am really looking forward to seeing what 2018 has to offer and if it was anything like 2017, I cant wait!

Video Production Exeter

The Kit – Exeter Based Videographer

We invested heavily into new kit in 2017 and intend keeping this investment going into the latest tech throughout 2018. It’s important to keep up to date with the latest kit as technology is moving so fast, you can soon be left behind. We added new Camera’s, Gimbals, Lens’, Editing Equipment and much more to the fleet last year. This means that we can be creating the best work possible as we aren’t restricted by the tech. All of our camera’s shoot in ultra sharp 4K and with the gimbal you can capture shots you would never imagine possible. Here is a kit list showing the range of some our video kit we have:

  • Sony FS5 / A7SII
  • Canon 70 – 200 2.8 / Canon 16-35mm 2.8 / Sigma 24-35mm F2.0 / Just too many to mention….
  • Freefly Movi M5 Gimbal // Small HD 501 Monitor
  • Manfrotto & Vinten Proffeshional Video Tripods
  • Pannel LED Lights // Sennheiser 416 Microphones
  • Full Mac Editing suite // Adobe Suite

We will be bringing out an updated show reel over the next few weeks… but check out this one for the time being.

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