It’s easy enough to include a call to action in written content, but how do you encourage click-throughs and conversions using video? Here are a few ways you can include effective CTAs in your video content.

Invite viewers to ‘join the conversation’

One great way to utilise a call to action in your video is to invite viewers to ‘join the conversation’. This works best if you have highlighted wider issues in your video that encourage debate among your audience, but it can also be a light-hearted conversation concerning personal preferences when using your product.

This kind of CTA is a great way to encourage active engagement with your viewers and get people talking about your brand, even if the conversation isn’t strictly about your brand.

Encourage sign-ups

Another call to action you can use in your video content is a request for signups. Getting viewers to sign up to your website or service means you can generate a mailing list and let them know when you’re launching new products or running a promotion. If you run an ecommerce business, this could also lead to a quicker checkout process for customers who have signed up with you.

Lead viewers to another relevant video

One easy call to action you can include in your video is a link to some of your other relevant video content. These videos could be showcasing other products, educational or how-to videos, or purely for entertainment. If you have a collection of entertaining content, your audience will return to your website in the future expecting to see more of the same and will take an active interest in your brand.

Include clickable buttons

Another way to include a call to action in your videos is to have clickable buttons in the video. These can appear at any point, such as a link to the products currently being shown on screen, but bear in mind if these buttons appear halfway through people may click through and not finish the video. 

Putting these buttons at the end of the video can work well if they are relevant to what your audience has just seen and could be accompanied by text for clarification. This is also probably the easiest way to get viewers to click through to other relevant videos.

Have a spoken CTA by the narrator of the video

You can also simply include a spoken CTA at the end of your video by the narrator, encouraging your audience to sign up to your mailing list, check out your products, or share your content on social media. This CTA should directly link to the video content your audience has seen so that it doesn’t come across too ‘salesy’.

Introduce competitions and giveaways

One sure way to get people to click through to your site is to introduce a competition or giveaway. People will happily provide their contact information for your mailing lists if they are in for a chance at a prize or freebie. 

It doesn’t have to be as simple as names out of a hat either – you could potentially set a ‘challenge’ for your audience, such as demonstrating themselves using your products in a funny or inventive way, and posting the results online, tagging your social pages. This way, you may even reach a wider audience if people find the content entertaining and share the challenges with their friends.

Calls to action are essential for turning curiosity into sales and real brand engagement. However you choose to employ CTAs in your video content, you’ll be doing yourself a favour, so start thinking about what the natural next step is for your audience after watching your video. If you need help with creating video content that’s going to get conversions, feel free to get in touch and see how we can help.