In an industry that revolves around striking visuals, standing out can be challenging. Video marketing can give fashion brands the edge they need to rise above their competitors and grab the attention of their audience. Video is unmatched when it comes to reaching an audience and the medium lends itself especially well to the fashion industry. Here’s our guide to fashion video marketing.

Why video marketing is important in fashion

Fashion is all about visuals, so it makes sense that to market it, a visual-centric approach is used. Video allows fashion brands to show their products in more than just a few poses in favourable lighting – models can be shown wearing the clothes for the occasions or activities they were intended for, and the video can be used to give a quick display of the brand’s signature style so that the audience can get a good idea of what to expect before they begin shopping.

Video marketing also better allows brands to showcase the lifestyle and positive attributes that they want their audience to associate with their products. Most fashion brands will want to showcase those wearing their clothes as confident, happy and impressive, but some may also choose to use video marketing to highlight other issues that are important to their business model, such as sustainability or being socially-conscious.

What makes a good fashion video production?

Solid branding

It may seem easy to stay on brand when you’re displaying the products that make up your business, but the branding in your video still needs to be consistent with your brand marketing as a whole when it comes to the tone, graphics, visual style and ethos. This consistency will make you memorable and, eventually, your audience will know that a video is coming from your brand before your logo even appears anywhere on screen.

Professional and visually appealing

All videos need to look professional in order to pique your audience’s interest, anything less will seem amateurish and could cause people to question the quality of your brand as a whole. Fashion videos especially need to make use of sharp images, bold colours and clean graphics to maintain the image presented by the products themselves. Enlisting the expertise of professional video production and editing services will help to achieve this.


Like sports videos, fashion videos should present a sense of aspiration – your audience should want to experience a piece of the life demonstrated by the models on screen. This doesn’t have to mean attending extravagant parties or being the centre of attention – it can be as simple as enjoying the small things in life or having a strong feeling of self-confidence or empowerment that starts by investing in your brand.


Video marketing allows you to get creative in ways that most other forms of marketing aren’t capable of pulling off. You may choose to put more of a narrative into your fashion videos to evoke the lifestyle your clothes represent, you might want to show the people behind your brand who make it a success, or you can use the video as an opportunity to show how your brand has evolved over the years. Whichever direction you choose, getting creative and thinking outside the box will make you memorable in a crowded marketplace.


Whilst video allows you to spread your wings when it comes to your marketing, you still need to keep your content succinct for your audience to stay interested. Whatever type of fashion video you’re creating, only show as much as you need to. Don’t overindulge and try and get every one of your products onto the screen.

Even if you are making more of a narrative-driven piece that showcases the wider values of your brand, think about how long your audience will want to watch for, especially if the video will appear in social media feeds where content is usually brief.

Going beyond the products

If you have causes that are important to you, your video marketing campaign may be the perfect opportunity to share them with your audience. If it’s important to you that all your products are made sustainably, include it in your video. If you’re making strides to ensure that your business is socially-conscious or you’re pushing for change in the industry as a whole, show the audience how you’re making it happen. 

This demonstrates the ways your brand has a wider interest beyond just selling your products and will develop trust with your audience.

That concludes our brief guide to fashion video marketing. Just remember – fashion and video go hand in hand because of their strong emphasis on visuals and their incredible potential for creativity, so embrace that when planning your video marketing campaign.

If you are interested to see an example of how a fashion video can look, you can take a look at the video we created for Flannels of their summer party.

If you need some help with your fashion video marketing, feel free to get in touch and see how we can help.