Video marketing isn’t just for B2C businesses targeting the end user of a product. Video marketing can be a powerful tool to attract new prospects and retain existing clients. You can have a standalone video marketing campaign, or you can use it to boost and better illustrate your written content. Here, we will be discussing the different ways you can use video marketing to improve your B2B business.

Product demos

Product demos aren’t only for the end user. They can also be used to attract investors to continue the development of a product or to establish the value of a product to potential retailers and show them why they need to be stocking it. Product demos are also incredibly easy to make, as you already have the main character (the product), and you just need to film it doing what it does best (with some creative camerawork and a little editing to make it look professional of course).

Case studies and customer testimonials

Similar to a product demo, a case study can demonstrate the value of your product or service and attract new investors or clients. Case studies and customer testimonials show how your offering has improved the lives of real people or businesses in a way that even your best copy cannot. Potential clients value reviews and these types of videos are much more convincing than a star rating or a short endorsement.

Explainer/how-to video

A how-to video can be the perfect way to improve your clients’ or partners’ understanding of your product and how to get the most out of it. This can be especially useful for retailers who need to know how best to sell your product to the end user or for businesses looking to make use of your services themselves. Again, these videos can be fairly easy to make, as you already have the experts who can write the script.

Behind-the-scenes video

A behind-the-scenes video can be a good way to showcase your company culture and help your partners understand who you are as a business, which is especially important for B2B businesses. This can also help build trust because partners and clients will get to know the real people behind your brand and will be able to see how you operate.

Brand video

Brand videos are just as important for B2B as they are for B2C. A brand video is a great way to introduce your brand to new clients or to announce a new direction or rebrand. Brand videos allow you to showcase who you are, what you do and what your core values are. These videos can make a great first impression of your brand and build client confidence before they’ve even used your products or services.

Event teaser and event recap

You can also use video to promote an upcoming event, such as a tradeshow. A teaser is a great way to get people excited about the event and increase ticket sales and attendance numbers. You can also use video to provide a recap of the event for those who weren’t in attendance to try and increase the chance they will attend the next one, or to refresh the enthusiasm of those that did attend and encourage them to take action.

Expert interview

Expert interviews are a great B2B tool to establish your authority within your field. These could be part of a series to accompany blog content, or they could be used to better inform clients about your industry or products. These types of videos can have value beyond your target audience, as they can end up becoming useful resources within your industry, further enhancing your credibility.

Blog post summary or teaser

As mentioned earlier, videos can be a great accompaniment to written content, and can even be used as a way to promote it. In a lot of situations, such as when people are on-the-go or using mobile devices, they don’t have the time to engage with a full-length blog. A video teaser or a snappy blog summary video can be all you need for these people to bookmark the post for later or at least expose them to the content they would have otherwise missed entirely.

B2B video marketing is a powerful tool, so don’t be fooled into thinking that video is only useful for targeting consumers. Video is a way of enhancing communication and providing another type of engagement for your target audience, and no marketing strategy is complete without it.

If you are looking to produce a B2B video for use in your marketing campaign, get in touch with our team to see how we can help you.