A comprehensive marketing strategy should include not only what and where you advertise, but also how you advertise. Static ads have been around for a very long time and do still serve a purpose, but if you’re not incorporating video ads into your marketing campaign then you could be missing out on a huge audience.

We run through some of the key advantages of video ads that make them a more effective vehicle to advertise your brand and products.

Video is more contemporary

Many more people are browsing the social media feeds on their phones than browsing through magazines these days. Static ads can, of course, still be used in digital formats, but it’s best to take advantage of the medium and use video to create something dynamic that stands out from all the noise and hefty competition on those social feeds.

Video ads force the audience to engage with them

Your audience can just glance at a static ad and a longer look might not yield much new information, but one of the reasons video ads are more effective is because they force audience engagement. If someone chooses to watch your video ad in full, you have a type of captive audience for the predetermined runtime. 

Add to this the fact that people usually engage with ad content and social media on-the-go, and they may even need to put in headphones and block out the world in order to watch your video properly.

Video ads allow you to get more information across than static ads

Single images can be incredibly powerful and thought provoking, but you can only convey so much concrete information in a static image without overloading it. Video allows you to combine the benefits of powerful imagery with a more effective format to deliver the information and more time to do it in. If you want to include product specs, the design process, or your brand ethos, you can do all this with video.

Your audience can get a better idea of who you are as a brand through a video ad

Video allows you to show more dimensions to your brand than static ads do. Through video, you can introduce a range of products, why they are important, how your company ethos affected their creation, who the real people are who made them, and more, without it needing to be a feature film. Audiences who feel they know a brand are more likely to feel a personal connection and want to invest in what they do.

Video ads give you the chance to demonstrate your knowledge or expertise in your field

Another way that video ads are more effective is that you can use the extra time you have your audience’s attention to demonstrate why you are an authority in your field and, as such, why they should trust your products or services. 

You can demonstrate how to properly use your products or services, share your knowledge of the market and why your product is necessary, or display the research and effort that went into designing the product. Wherever your expertise lies, your video ad is the perfect place to show it.

If you’ve only been using static ads so far, you really should try using video. Video ads can be far more effective in reaching your target audience than other formats and will allow you to expose more facets of your brand which could well mean a higher level of customer engagement. If you need help creating your video ad campaign, get in touch with us and see how we can help.