Chloe Parka | Exeter Video Production

We have recently shot this promotional film for a fantastic little brand called Chloe Parka. They sell a really unique and special line of clothes that fit into the surf/snowboard category. They wanted a short film to showcase a range of different products for the launch of their new website. As well as this, they wanted a one minute edit so that it could be used on their social media accounts. The video was shot over a day on a stunning beach on the north coast of Cornwall. It’s one of our favourite places in the world, so this shoot was an absolute pleasure! There was quite a lot of shower dodging through out the day, as the english weather was doing its normal thing!

About Chloe Parka

“Chloe Parka is a brand-new, gutsy start-up. We design and make outdoor and technical apparel, from our workshop in rural Essex, UK.  We’re small but passionate. We use our skills responsibly.
We make sure to work as sustainably as possible. Right now, we’re busy building our company and brand- starting with our bold tees, hoodies, hats and more! You can find all these items in our new online shop!”

Promotional Films Exeter

If you are looking for a similar video then get in touch. At Sharp films we have a package to suit every need! So whether you are looking for a short promotional film like this or something a little more then we can cater for all your needs.We film on industry standard kit and on the shoot we work with you to ensure that we are capturing what you visioned!

Check out the Chloe Parka film and let us know what you think… Dont forget to go check out the Chloe Parks website here –