Like all businesses operating during Covid-19 we have put in measures to ensure our team are able to work safely and provide our clients with the best level of service.

  • Each member of our crew will wear a face mask, gloves and carry hand sanitiser with them.
  • All equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after the shoot. No Person being filmed will need to come into contact with our crew or equipment.
  • Our camera crew will stay at least 2 metres  away from the subject being filmed.
  • Where an interview is being conducted  we will use a zoom (Telephoto) lens allowing us to capture a close up shot, but from further away then our normal set up. The distance we will position our camera from the subject will be at least 2 metres.
  • For audio we will use a shotgun/boom microphone avoiding any need for a clip-on microphone
  • We are able to travel anywhere over the UK for filming and will be closely monitoring the situation to see where we are able to visit other locations beyond this point.