Podcasts have become an incredibly popular form of content due to their accessibility and wide range of topic areas. No matter what your brand does, you will be able to find a relevant topic area that you can turn into an interesting podcast for your audience.

Podcasts drive regular engagement and help to build trust with your audience, even more so when you add video into the mix. Here, we’ll be talking about how to create a video podcast that will help you take your brand marketing to the next level.

Choose a podcast angle/topic that is in line with your brand

There’s a podcast about almost everything nowadays, but your topic doesn’t have to be directly about your product offering either. Instead, you may choose to focus on a cause that is important to your brand, or the environmental impact of your industry. As long as there is a clear link to your brand then it’s fair game.

Your video podcast doesn’t have to be just you on your own either – you can feature prominent names from your industry as guest speakers, invite audience feedback or include participation via write-in requests.

Embrace the visual aspect of a video podcast

Seeing the faces of the speakers instantly builds trust and provides an extra level of emotional connection that you don’t get with audio-only podcasts. Using video also increases the audience’s concentration because they have to watch as well as listen, meaning they are less likely to let their attention wander.

Play to the strengths of the medium by embracing the visual aspect of your podcast. You can put up graphics or cutaways to drive home a point and use multiple camera angles to break up the visuals. Just remember that some people may want to listen to your podcast rather than watch, so the episode should still make sense even without the visuals – they are just there to enhance the content.

Define your podcast mission

One question you need to ask yourself is why you are making your podcast. Are you simply trying to raise brand awareness or trying to reach a new audience? Maybe you could use your podcast to highlight broader issues within the industry you work in and start a discussion within the community? By having clearly defined goals, you can measure your success and identify areas for improvement.

Establish the brand voice for your podcast

Establishing a brand voice is essential for all your marketing activities, but your podcast brand voice might be a little different. It shouldn’t be entirely disassociated but, depending on the topics you are covering, it could be more casual or more humorous, for example. However you alter your brand voice for your podcast, make sure it still projects the core values of your brand.

Make sure you have talking points written down

Having a loose script or talking points provides structure to your podcast. A full script doesn’t work for a podcast because you want to let the discussion flow naturally, but knowing the key questions you want to ask or topics you want to discuss gives you an idea of how the whole episode will be shaped. Having talking points also allows you to get back on track in case you end up on a tangent or get carried away with one topic, as is often the case with podcasts!

Creating a video podcast is a great way to add some extra engagement opportunities to your brand marketing strategy. Once you have found your mission, topic area and voice, the production of the podcast can be relatively straightforward compared to some other forms of media, so why not give it a go?If you’re still not sure how to create the right video podcast for your brand, please get in touch and see how we can help.