Promotional sports videos can make some of the most inspiring films any of us will ever see, as long as they’re done right. Whether you are making a video to advertise your team or club, promote an upcoming event, or even to showcase your brand’s new sporting apparel, the same basic principles apply to get your target audience hooked from the go. Here’s what you need to know to make an effective promotional sports video.

Create a sense of drama from the beginning

The first thing that all promotional sports videos should be is exciting. There doesn’t have to be action from the get-go, but it should at least feature a building sense of drama or anticipation. This could be the training regimes of two opponents soon to face each other, car engines firing up at the starting line, or even an athlete falling at a hurdle, giving us the sense that we will be witnessing a comeback story.

Whatever story you are trying to tell with your video, make sure to create an initial buzz, as if you are replicating that feeling that you get just before kick-off or the first bell.

Prioritize the action

Sport is action, so it makes sense that your video should prioritise that action. Action generates excitement for your audience and keeps them glued to the screen. A promotional sports video without action will likely be lacklustre, and audiences will switch off or come away with a bad impression of your brand.

If you are promoting a sporting event, showcase the highlights from previous events. If you are trying to promote an apparel brand, show people excelling at their sport while wearing that brand. If you are promoting your club, remind your audience what makes you so great with footage of your best or most recent achievements.

Make it aspirational

The glory and the idea of making a living playing the game you love is what makes kids pretend to be their favourite player while having a kickaround in the street. Even as adults, we still aspire to emulate our favourite athletes, whether we want to excel at our sport like they do, or just want to apply their work ethic, determination, and passion to other areas of our lives. Whatever virtues you feel your sport invokes, showcase them in your film.

Great sports stories inspire us, and your film should do this too. This way, your audience will want to buy into your brand, attend your next event, or buy a season ticket to share in your future glories.

Make sure it looks professional and visually appealing

Even if your film has a sense of drama from the offset, is full of action, and is inspiring enough to make even the laziest person go for a run, none of that will have an effect if it doesn’t look professional. The images need to be as sharp as the action on screen, with any effects enhancing what is on the screen rather than distracting from it.

The way you approach your promotional sports video should be the same as the way you approach the sport itself – with a desire to be the best. Using a professional video and editing service is the best way to do that, as they will be able to shoot your film in a way that showcases what makes your brand so great, whilst looking sleek and visually appealing.

An effective promotional sports video is one that gets us invested early on and leaves us feeling inspired and wanting to take action. Whatever the reason is for your video, it should follow these basic principles and remind us why we are fans of sport in the first place.

If you need help creating or editing your promotional sports video, feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll be glad to hear from you.