Employing video as part of your marketing campaign is a great way to reach a wider audience and increase the visibility of your brand, but how do you incorporate video marketing on a budget? In this blog, we’ve put together some tips on how you can kickstart your video campaign without breaking the bank.

Choose a video type that makes sense 

While high-concept videos and fictional narratives often require a hefty budget, certain types of videos such as a how-to video or a behind-the-scenes brand video cost very little to make. This is because you already have all the components you need to make these types of videos at your workplace.

You could choose to demonstrate the correct use of one of your products or offer some professional insight into your industry, which will also allow you to showcase your knowledge and establish yourself as an authority. Alternatively, you can go behind the scenes and show your audience the processes and hard work that go into creating your product or services.

Use your own set – your workplace

When you are looking to employ video marketing on a budget, one area where you can save money is the location. Location or studio hire comes with a significant price tag and most businesses already have a perfectly good set – their workplace. If you are making one of the types of videos mentioned above, the place where you conduct your business should be your first choice of location anyway.

Use your own actors – your employees

Another area you can save money is by not hiring actors and using your employees instead. This doesn’t mean calling on the employees with the most experience in amateur dramatics to play the lead roles in a fictional script. Instead, simply film them doing what they do best – their jobs.

If you are doing a behind-the-scenes or brand video, this also gives you an opportunity to introduce the real people behind your brand and highlight the contributions they make. Seeing genuine personalities rather than actors may well create a deeper connection with your audience too.

Keep it short

Even if you’re not on a strict budget, keeping your video short is good advice. Most people will see your video online, where they are already inundated with content and their attention span is already strained. Even a cinematic masterpiece may get lost in all the noise if it runs for too long, so make sure that your video is short and sweet.  

Repurpose your non-video content

Coming up with an idea doesn’t cost anything, but it can be time-consuming. One way to jump-start your video campaign is to repurpose some of your non-video content, such as blogs or how-to guides on your website, and turn them into short videos. Focus on the content that had the best engagement and think about how you can translate it into visually engaging videos.

Incorporating video marketing on a budget starts in pre-production, with proper planning and a concept that plays to your strengths. You need to map out the funds you have available and then choose a type of video that can be created using the resources you already have.If you need help with video marketing and are on a budget, you are welcome to get in touch with us to discuss some ideas.