This type of company culture video lets your audience see how your business works in a mostly unscripted format. Unlike a workplace culture video, behind-the-scenes videos focus more on the nuts and bolts of your operation, such as a video showing your product manufacturing process or how new ideas are brought to the table and developed.

Tips for making an engaging company culture video

Now that you have an idea of the different styles of video you can make, let’s look at some guidelines that can be applied to all company culture videos:

Display the personality of your company and your employees

One of the main reasons for making a company culture video is to show the real people behind your business and the personality of the brand itself. Be proud of what makes your brand and its people unique.

Be honest and don’t put on a façade

Don’t try and make out your brand and employees to be something they are not, because your audience will see through it. Being honest about your quirks and imperfections will make you all the more endearing.

You should be trying to inform or open up, not sell

You should have other marketing channels to move your products, so keep the company culture video content as a place to open up and let your audience in, create trust and generate intrigue about your brand more generally. Company culture videos are about making a connection, not a sale.

Steps for making a good video

The process of making your company culture video may be best left in the hands of a professional videographer, but if you are determined to take on the process yourself, some key things to remember are:

Choose your format based on the intended audience. People are more interested than ever in the values and personalities behind the brands that they engage with, whether they are potential customers, business partners or prospective employees. One of the best ways to share this side of your brand with your audience is through a company culture video.

Company culture videos can get people excited about your business, build brand affinity, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make great company culture videos.

Types of company culture video you can try


A lot of businesses use seasonal holidays to put out company culture content because it gives you some leeway to step outside of the realms of your usual branding and into the themes of the season.

About/your story  

Like the ‘about us’ page on your website, these types of videos are an engaging way to tell the story of your brand and let your audience understand what makes you tick and what drives you.

Workplace culture 

This type of video should show what it’s like to work at or with your business. It may be to tempt prospective employees or just to show potential customers or business partners the kind of people and operation they would be dealing with.

Are you trying to appeal to your existing customers, potential new customers, or business partners, or are you trying to recruit? The goal and intended audience should determine the creative direction of your video.

Write your script

Within the broad parameters of your chosen format, write a script that will appeal to your target audience. Try not to script dialogue where possible; as we mentioned earlier, you want to be honest and show the real people and interactions that make up your brand.


Do a few run-throughs of your script before you start filming as it will get your employees more relaxed and familiar with the format, hopefully resulting in them opening up a bit more during the shoot.

Record the video

It’s unlikely you’ll get everything right on the first take, so go easy on yourselves! After all, your employees probably aren’t trained actors. The positive is you might get some outtakes or unscripted moments that will actually work better in the final video because they are genuine!


Post Production is just as important as any other part of the filmmaking process, so you will need to choose your best takes and edit them into a polished video with a coherent narrative. You will also want to include any graphics or company branding where appropriate.


Once your video is complete and you’re happy with it, send it out through the best channels to reach your target audience!

Company culture videos are a great way to connect with your audience and show the real people that make your brand what it is. If you need help creating an engaging company culture video that hits your goals, then please get in touch and see how we can help.