If you are putting on an event, then you need to market it, and one of the best ways to do this is with an event promo video. The purpose of your promo video is to spread the word about your event and generate a buzz that converts into ticket sales. We’ve put together some advice on how to make a promo video for an event and the features you should include in it.

Getting the footage for an event promo video

The main challenge of an event promo video is that, in most situations, the event hasn’t already taken place, so you don’t have any footage of the ‘product’ that you are selling. However, if it is an annual, periodic, or ongoing event, you can use footage from previous years to generate a buzz for the upcoming event. This could be excerpts from a highlight reel, a recap, or even fan footage if you have permission to use it.

You can then mix this archive footage with some teaser footage of what to expect, such as product demos, a venue preparation timelapse, or talking heads from some of the attending speakers or organisers, discussing what will make the upcoming event bigger and better than ever. If you have booked a performance by an entertainment act, they may also have some archive footage that you can use with their permission to include in your video.

Putting the video together

When creating your event promo video, the following tips are good practice to keep your audience engaged and generate plenty of interest in the event.

Don’t hold back good footage

You may have some footage from previous events that gives away part of the show, and naturally you don’t want to spoil the surprise for any first-time attendees. However, your events shouldn’t be carbon copies of each other anyway, so give your viewers something to get excited about, even if you don’t give them all the details. 

Make sure you use the footage that will best get people hyped up and buying tickets – after all, that’s why you’re making the video!

Edit the footage into a ‘narrative’ that generates excitement

An event promo video shouldn’t just be a mash-up of sensational visuals, it should be woven into something resembling a narrative that generates excitement in your viewers and makes them want to attend the event. 

If there is a story to your event, this can serve as your video’s narrative, such as the journey that has brought your brand to this point. Or, it could be the story of your potential attendee and the emotions and excitement that they will experience by attending.

Make it shareable

To reach as wide an audience as possible and boost your event’s ticket sales, you need to make sure that your event promo video is shareable. Whichever platforms you choose to show the video on, make sure a quick click or two is all your viewer needs to do to share it with their own network, expanding your reach with minimal effort to an audience that otherwise may not have seen it.

Key information to include in your event promo video

Make sure to include the following in your video:

  • The name of the event
  • The date, start time, and location
  • Any relevant event statistics
  • A general program, even if certain elements are still to be confirmed, this can provide more intrigue
  • Some of the key highlights and attractions of the event
  • A clear call-to-action
  • A link to your website for more information
  • Contact information such as an email address or phone number specifically for event enquiries

That concludes our guide on how to make a promo video for an event, but if you need help planning, shooting, or editing your event promo video, then please get in touch and see how we can help.