Using video will automatically make your content more engaging but sometimes the topic or brief you’re working from seems like it won’t translate well onto the screen.

Corporate videos often get a bad reputation for not being particularly interesting, with all the focus on the message of the video at the expense of audience engagement, but they don’t have to be that way!

We’ve put together some tips on how to make your corporate videos more interesting so that your audience doesn’t tune out, but become invested instead.

Create a storyboard that really tells a story

When you first begin to plan your corporate video, you will likely start with the script, but you should put just as much thought into your storyboard. The storyboard is where you first translate the script into a visual form, and each shot should be chosen not just for its ‘wow factor’ but also because it is the best way to convey the message you are trying to deliver.

Avoid corporate buzzwords and get to the heart of your business

One mistake a lot of people make when creating a corporate video is to fill it with buzzwords. These are usually hollow phrases or roundabout ways of stating simple ideas and will add little to your video. Instead of whatever corporate jargon you might usually fall into when talking about your brand, use your video to get to the heart of your business and what it’s all about.

Try to avoid sticking too strictly to a script 

Sometimes, what we perceive as a really good script just doesn’t translate to screen. Whilst parts of it may work, others can seem rigid or awkward when acted out. If you find that this is the case, you may need to rethink the scene, rather than trying to force it. If this is the case, go back to the intended purpose of the scene and ask how else you can deliver it.

Play around with angles

Video is a visual medium, so you should make the most of creative cinematography if you want to make your corporate video more interesting. This means using close-ups for demonstrations and varying the camera angles so that everything you shoot isn’t a straight-on mid shot. Having more variety within the visuals will naturally make the video feel more dynamic.

Use moving shots

Moving shots are naturally more dynamic than static shots so if you want to make your corporate videos more interesting, include them! The use of moving shots will also make it seem less like you are moving through a series of set pieces, and will give the video a much better flow, especially if you can cleverly use moving shots to transition between scenes.

Use attention-grabbing music

One of the qualities that makes video so great for delivering a message is that it is a collaborative medium, combining visuals and sound to drive a point home. Some films, for example, are remembered just as much for a great soundtrack or musical score as they are for the story itself. If you want to make your corporate videos more interesting, make use of music that grabs your audience’s attention and reflects your brand.

Get rid of any unnecessary shots

When making a video, it’s easy to become precious about what we’ve created and try to include every shot and scene in the final cut. However, one bit of advice that is as true for feature films as it is for corporate videos is that if it’s not necessary, cut it. Leaving in shots that don’t work or make the video too long will leave the whole piece feeling flabby, and audience interest will quickly wane.

Sometimes, the subject matter of your corporate video might not strike you as particularly interesting, but it is how you tell the story that makes it engaging. Through the use of creative camerawork, attention-grabbing music, and really getting to the heart of your brand and what makes it special, you can make any of your content interesting.