If you want to grow your business, then you need to make sure that you are targeting new customers. So, how do you target new customers? One word – video.

Use video for marketing if you aren’t already

If you’re not already using video as part of your brand marketing, then you could be missing out on a huge potential audience. Most audiences get most of their brand exposure on social media or online where they are inundated with content, meaning the challenge for brands is standing out. Video is an immersive medium and naturally pops even when faced with heavy competition on social feeds or ad banners.

To use video to target new customers effectively, you should keep the following in mind:

Advertise on platforms that your desired audience use 

Just as important as the video itself is the platform you advertise it on. Research where your demographic is engaging with content the most and target your efforts there. Some groups are more likely to use Instagram over Facebook and vice versa, and others may find your video directly on YouTube or your website.

Targeting the platforms that your audience is using not only gives you a better chance at them seeing your video but also gives you the opportunity to interact with them directly in the comments section.

Show the human side and character of your brand

Video allows you to demonstrate much more of your personality than other forms of marketing do. You establish the tone of your brand across your marketing channels, but video gives you the chance to show your audience who you are. You might want to make a tongue-in-cheek video poking fun at your industry, or a behind the scenes style video that shows the real people behind your brand.

However you choose to do it, you are much more likely to make a connection with your audience if they see you as real people who care, rather than a faceless brand.

Market across multiple channels

Another great thing about using video to target new customers is that it can be used across multiple channels. Even though you want to focus on the platforms that your audience uses the most, you can use video across all your social media accounts, on your website, and even at live events.

You may want to create different edits for different purposes, such as a shorter video for Instagram and a longer version for events, but you can make these cuts from the same core video.

Launch and advertise a promotion

Video is a great way to launch and advertise a promotion, and promotions are perfect for targeting new customers. A promotion on your products or services can entice people who have never tried your brand before to do just that. Promotions can also work to draw back customers who haven’t used your products in a while as well.

Video is naturally attention-grabbing, which makes it much easier to stand out and get your promotion seen in social media feeds that are saturated with content.

Video needs to be part of your marketing strategy and it is a great way to target new customers, but you need to make sure that you are using the right channels to get your videos seen.

If you need help creating or editing your brand video, give us a shout and see how we can help.