So, you’re commissioning a corporate video. You’ve scouted out video marketing companies and chosen the one that looks best. Your videographer is coming in for a chat this afternoon, and you’re getting ready.

The meeting room’s clean, you’ve got fresh coffee in the kitchen… what else do you need?

The answer: a list of questions to ask.

Without this list, you may end up on a different page to your videographer, and that could spell disaster.

Why do I need to ask questions? Shouldn’t they give me all the information I need?

Video marketing companies aren’t out to swindle you by avoiding key topics. They may be enthused by your willingness to discuss artistic and creative ideas, and you may naturally bypass a lot of practical knowledge about the filmmaking process.

However, there are facts you need to know about video marketing companies, how they operate and what you’ll be getting when you enter into business with them. To clarify this, you’ll need to ask direct questions and get direct answers.

What should I ask?

Good question. Here’s our list of the top five questions that companies need to ask to get the best out of their consultation:

Can we see a portfolio of your previous work?

You’ll usually find a portfolio of previous work on the websites of video marketing companies, but it’s always worth asking to see more.

This is helpful because the videographer might be keen to give you a commentary about the process that went into making each film as you watch them. This will give you an idea of what it’s like to be within the filmmaking process, and also give you an insight into the way the videographer thinks. Does it match the way you’d like the process to run?

A portfolio of previous work can also bring up examples of videos which resemble your plans or deal with the same industry. How has the videographer approached these, and what would you change?

Can we hear some of your customer testimonials?

Whenever you’re commissioning work of any kind, it’s important to hear previous perspectives on what the process was like. Some may have ended up with a stunning video, but if the process was a nightmare, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

If you can chat to a previous customer face to face, you’re onto a winner. If not, you can still look out for the same points in written testimonials:

  • What is this video marketing company like to work with?
  • Were there any hidden fees encountered late on?
  • Was the final product what they expected?
  • How was the communication after the film had been completed?

What is your production process like?

Different video marketing companies work in different ways regarding time, contact with the client, editing time and so on. For instance, some are happy to film in one day, get the editing done in another, and charge a high premium for the privilege. Some are slower but take more time to craft exactly what the client wants, and pinpoint exactly how it can help their business.

The best way to gauge this is through a one-on-one conversation. If your chosen videographer’s process doesn’t seem flexible enough to fit your plans, you can discuss their limitations, and then consider how you can compromise. It’s often best to avoid putting undue pressure on a videographer, as you may not receive the best quality product at the end of the process.

How many edits are included in the quote?

This seems like an oddly specific question, but we’ve included it here because this is something that many clients forget to ask and are then horrified by when the film is finally made, and they realise it can’t be changed! If you’re on a tight budget, this is particularly important and will help you avoid shelling out at a later date.

You may not think you’ll need them but having a few extra edits in the package can be a great safety net to fall back on.

Can the videographer provide any help after the video has been made?

As an artist, a videographer is always keen to see that their work is doing its job attracting customers to your brand and impressing people left right and centre.

However, if the video is underperforming, the videographer may be able to contribute some extra tweaks to make it just right. Not all video marketing companies will do this, so it’s best to check at the start and receive assurances that your videographer is behind you when it comes to achieving the aims of the video.

We believe in you!

Here at Sharp Films, we try to answer all of these questions from the off. We believe in you and your projects and want to create a video that is most effective for your business.

But, if you’re looking for clarification on any of these questions, we’d love to chat! Contact us and let us know what big dreams you have for your videos, and we’ll see how we can help you achieve them.