In October, we were a part of an incredible adventure as we documented Rally the Globe’s first worldwide driving event – a 10-day journey from Santander in Spain to the Algarve in Portugal.

Rally the Globe was only formed a year ago, but the founders are no strangers to rallying. The creators of this not-for-profit club have experience delivering events and rallying all over the world, with some even having had careers as motorsport professionals. Rally the Globe provides the opportunity for enthusiastic vintage and classic car owners to rediscover the original spirit of their sport by embarking on epic motoring adventures together.

Starting in the picturesque Bay of Biscay, the Carrera Iberia rally took motorists off the beaten track on a traffic-free journey through twisting mountain roads, rolling hills, vineyards, quaint towns and racetracks, all within the stunning setting of rural Spain and Portugal. The route’s varied terrain tested the motorists’ skills and determination, whilst allowing them to take in some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. In between journeys, there was ample time to enjoy the food, wine and historic hotels from some of Europe’s most charming locations.

We were tasked with following the entire rally across the event, delivering a video every 2 days for social media, as well as a 5-minute video for the final night and a full feature video for YouTube. The aim of these videos was to capture the cars, people, locations and spirit of this incredible odyssey.

Day 1 – Santander to Rioja

Day 2 – Rioja to Alcaniz

Day 3 – Alcaniz to Cuenca

Day 4 – Cuenca to Ubeda

Day 5 – Ubeda to Trujillo

Day 6 – Trujillo to Douro

Day 7 – Rest day in Douro

Day 8 – Douro to Porto

Day 9 – Porto to Cascais

Day 10 – Cascais to Vilamoura

This was an amazing trip where we got to experience a whole new side of Spain and Portugal in a way that really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. There were incredible roads, mountains, beaches, cars and people. The kit took a battering, and we had a failure with one of the cameras on the last day due to bad weather, but even with the hard work and the 18-hour-plus days, it was an unforgettable experience. What’s more, we were able to deliver videos that captured the exciting and infectious atmosphere of the journey day by day.

More significant than the setbacks was that we delivered quality video to a satisfied client. We have established such a good relationship with them that we will now be shooting all of their upcoming events, such as the Southern Cross Safari through Africa, and the Round the World trips from London to Casablanca and Boston to Vancouver. Rally the Globe’s upcoming events are sure to build on the success of their debut and we’re thrilled to be coming back to capture more stunning locations, timeless cars and very happy motorists.

See the short highlights here and the full film here.