Video Production Devon

I wanted to create a very simple explanation of how the process works start to finish to create a promotional film. This process is pretty much the same for every project that is taken on; obviously the size of the project will determine how long it takes to do each stage from planning through to completion. One of the biggest and most important aims of Sharp Films is for the client to have trust in us. When a new project is starting I go through this simple process so that you know exactly what happens and when.

Plan It | Sharp Films

Plan it

I will come and meet with you or talk on the phone about your project idea or brief. This is also a time for me to understand more about your business or product. This is important so that I can make any recommendations to how the film could work. Often I am able to bounce different idea’s around that you might not of thought of and adapt the idea to be more engaging or creative. Once I understand the brief and your business I can go away and create a general plan for the shoot.

Shoot It | Sharp Films

The Shoot

This is when I can get all the toys out! I shoot on some of the most up to date videography equipment available and if needed have a further production team I can bring in to assist on the shoot. Having a solid brief is always very important at this stage. Having the time to be creative is even more important tho. Often taking a step back and just shooting what works is best thing you can do ! You can capture some of those special moments or intricate details that take your film up a notch.

Edit It | Sharp Films

The Edit

The edit is my favourite part of the whole process. This is where I get to put together the creation and make the vision a reality. I use a professional and high quality edit suite powered by Apple Macs. The footage firstly gets logged in order of appearance. Then the soundtrack is added, colour is graded and then a final tighten. I then watch through to make sure I am 100% happy with the edit. The client will then be able to review the edit and I can make any further changes needed.


Happy Days

It really is as simple as that, there is no wizardry here… Just knowing what to capture and turning it into a slick and unique edit that shows off your product or service. If you’re interested in having a promotional film shot or even your event filmed then don’t hesitate to get in touch here.