The guest list is full, the venue is lit to perfection and your product or service is about to take centre stage. Your team’s hard work is sure to pay off, and you’re looking for a massive sales boost as a result.


But have you booked event videography?

If you haven’t, you’re making a huge mistake. That’s because the most successful companies treat all marketing opportunities as multi-faceted. For instance, even at your annual Christmas Bash, you boost the product or service by encouraging company culture, bonding as a team and strengthening belief in what you’re all working towards. Event videography is a fantastic opportunity to share this company culture with those who purchase your products and services, or those who could be convinced to.

Event videography is able to capture that tone and more, showcasing your product or service and, crucially, creating a video which allows viewers online to feel connected with your brand – the first step towards a conversion.


Increase the longevity of your event with videography

The fun may last for three or four hours at your venue, but let’s not forget the infamous notion that once something’s online, it’s there forever!

This doesn’t have to be a negative thing, though. Keeping a record of the grand publicity stunts, events and parties that your company organises is a fantastic way of showing the general public that you’re an active company and have been for years! Much like blogging, it’s about keeping the lights on and showing you are active – past, present and future!


Reach people who couldn’t attend

Venues only have limited capacity, not to mention being in a set location! Inevitably, there will be people who are unable to attend.

Exclusivity is rarely positive for a company. Brands should feel inclusive and welcoming in order to lead potential customers down the marketing funnel. With professional event videography, you can capture as much heart and fun as possible without it feeling like a publicity stunt.


Video can showcase your work

Video does an excellent job of condensing hours of work into a matter of minutes. Chat to your videographer about the aims of the event beforehand: what side of the product or service are you attempting to highlight, and what are the aims of your campaign?


Create a portfolio of your event videos

If your business has a YouTube channel (and if it doesn’t, why not?) you’ll know that creating a solid collection of well-made videos enhances your brand image no end. Once a viewer has decided they’re interested in your brand, they’ll want to get clued up on exactly what you’re about. Videos are perfect for doing just that.

In terms of social media, it can be nice to pepper your Instagram feed with the occasional video. A simple clip of an event can be a nice, effective filler post alongside high-quality photographs and team shots.


A great video is a tool for engagement

Event video production isn’t just about looks. In themselves, videos are links to perfectly crafted landing pages, they are forums for comments where viewers can ask questions and tag friends, and they are vessels for information which can help a viewer to make a decision and go with your brand.

A video should never be plonked on a website and left to attract customers on their own. It’s important to monitor how people are engaging with the video. That way you have a better idea of how to make the next video even more effective.


Video is an incredible tool. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your events by incorporating high-quality videography.

Event video production turns your event from a one-evening bash into a long-lasting, influential piece which has an effect on your customers, your competitors and your company culture.

If you have an event coming up, let’s chat about how we can make a top quality video to capture the fruits of all your hard work.