Video production equipment is highly specialised and can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. Each department on a shoot has its own kit, from the cameras and audio recording equipment to the editing software required to put the whole thing together.

Many technological brands such as mobile phone producers will bring out a new model each year, leaving us scratching our heads as to what the real, tangible difference is to the model we still haven’t paid off yet, other than screen size, superficial features, and staying up-to-date with the crowd.

However, as with many specialised areas of industry, video production equipment is produced for the primary purpose of getting a better product from its use. For us, this takes the form of things such as better picture quality, audio clarity or editing effects. Most filmmakers naturally become attached to a piece of kit that has served them well for years, or sometimes that they prefer the operation of compared to newer models.

With videography equipment, the next model doesn’t always outstrip everything that came before it in every department. Sometimes a new camera that can provide a sharper picture may also not provide as vibrant a colour or handle as well as a previous model. Similarly, no single lens can do everything any respected videographer needs it to do. That’s why a range of lenses for different purposes is necessary and knowing the right lens for the job is an integral part of the videographer’s skillset.

At Sharp Films, we think it’s important to keep tabs on emerging videography technology so that we know what equipment is worth upgrading, and when. We have invested heavily over the last few years to make sure we always have the right kit for the job, and we continue to invest in our collection of videography equipment to make sure we are always up to date in the services we offer.

Most recently, we have invested in a new RAW Pro Res system for our Sony FS5 camera, which allows the capture of beautiful 4k footage in a RAW format – meaning that the footage is much more customisable when colour grading during the edit and delivers a stunning final product.

Our Kit List


  • Sony A7Sii
  • Sony FS5 (With Raw Upgrade) + Atomos Inferno External Recorder


  • Canon 70 -200mm F2.8 II
  • Canon 16 -35mm F2.8
  • Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro
  • Samyang 24mm T1.5
  • Samyang 50mm T1.5
  • Samyang 85mm T1.5
  • Sigma 24 -35mm F2.0
  • Matte Box system + Cine Glass Filters

Tripod / Gimbal

Movi Freefly M5 Gimbal

DJI Ronin Gimbal

Vinten V10AS-CP2M Tripod


Sennheiser 416 Microphone

Set of Sony Lapel Mic’s

Editing Suite

2017 27inch Apple iMac 64GB of Ram + 1TB SSD

27inch Apple External Monitor

2018 Macbook pro 64GB of Ram 500GB SSD

Full Adobe System

Seagate Hard drives with professional backing up system

The go-to set up:

Obviously, every shoot is different and will always have different requirements but the Sony A7SII and FS5 work so well together as a pair that you can always find a set up that works well on any shoot. I tend to keep the Sony A7SII paired with the 16-35mm on the Freefly gimbal and then use the FS5 with a 70-200mm / 24mm / 50mm for everything else. This allows me to be as flexible as possible on shoots and change my set up fast without missing a shot.

By continuing to invest in new video production equipment, we make sure we stay ahead of the curve in our services, telling our client’s stories with unparalleled technical quality.