People are watching video. There’s no question about it. The vast majority of us can’t turn away from the videos flashing up on our social feeds.

So, it may seem obvious that video marketing is the way forward for businesses. After all, there is an audience waiting hungrily for the next exciting video to hit their feeds. But all good companies will run cost-benefit analyses. Does it make financial sense to host high-quality video content on your site?


Video helps to boost conversions and sales

Video is extremely effective at telling the customer what they want to know when they’re in the market for a new product or service.

People are savvy buyers. They want to know they’re buying the best products from the best company. That means your video content marketing has to lead them through the awareness, interest and consideration areas of the marketing funnel – seamlessly.

People want to understand what your business is about in order to consider buying from you. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but video has even greater potential – and the stats agree. Digital Sherpa calculates that video increases understanding of your business by 74%. Video marketing that captures your tone perfectly will do the real legwork, and if people get what you’re about, they’re far more likely to buy.

And this, in turn, helps with:



Getting people to engage with your business is huge. If your video content marketing tells people about you, those that approach your website will likely already be interested in buying. All you need to do now is convince them to part with their money.


Video helps to build trust

What you’re selling doesn’t just come down to a bunch of words and some hastily taken studio pics. With video marketing, you have the opportunity to welcome the viewer right into your world.

Video can perfectly capture the personality of your business. People want to feel that you’re on their side, that the transaction of money is secondary to the newfound bond you have, and that if they have any problems, you’ll be there to help them out.

You can portray your hardworking, committed team or the founder’s vision which has evolved into the company you are today, or quite simply, just demonstrate your values. Whatever it does, it has to feel human.


Video can boost SEO

From humanity to algorithms.

Google’s search algorithm rewards businesses when the website seems to satisfy the search that a customer made to get there. Therefore, the time spent on the website, the relevance of the content to the search term, and a host of other factors all affect whether Google favours your site by putting it higher up the list when the search results appear – that’s SEO in its most basic form.

While you probably knew that, it can be helpful to break it down. People need to stay longer on your website for good SEO. A big part of video content marketing is capturing people’s attention and keeping them on-site – long enough to satisfy the algorithm, and to convince the viewer to become a customer.

And did you know that:


Click through rates are highest for video

That’s out of all digital ad formats, so you’re already onto a winner if your video ad is out there in the world.  

Make sure that a click through on your video leads to a page which is specifically tailored for viewers of that video. This will reduce bounce rate, as well as satisfying viewers and answering any immediate request for more detail.


Video is unbelievably effective

Not all video marketing goes viral, but that which does benefits from conversions which skyrocket. If your ad is different, up-to-date and exciting, viral fame could be waiting around the corner.

And even for the 99.9% of ads which don’t go viral, video marketing that captures the essence and purpose of a brand is a great bet for increasing the number of visitors to your website, the time they spend on it, and the number of conversions you make. It’s proven to be the most effective form of marketing out there in the digital realm – surely a no-brainer for any company, big or small.

Why not get in touch with us today about those wild, creative and beautiful plans you’ve got for your business? We’ll help you out with some stunning video content marketing to capture just what you want to say.