The Kit // Commercial Video Production Exeter, Devon


Over the last few years we have been heavily investing into our kit to bring you the best quality video production that we can. We have 4k capable camera’s to give you extremely high quality and crisp images, matching this with some of the most up to date and innovative Gimbals, Lighting, Editing software and audio recording kit. It is important to always have the correct tool for the job and this applies just as much in the world of video production – Check out some pictures of our kit below!



Chasing Perfection | Unique Filming & Editing Services


Although having the correct tool for the job is very important, we pride ourselves on creating unique and engaging¬†work. Being a young business we can look at things from a new perspective and create work that has never been done before. Perfection is something that is constantly chased, its important to us that we create the best work possible to showcase your business or service. As well as a job, videography and film making in general is a huge passion of ours and we will always go the extra mile to create something we are truly proud of. By combining the most up to date technology and ¬†young brain’s we can create films for your business with a really fresh and individual style!

Check out our portfolio page to see all our latest work.