COVID-19 has changed the way almost everyone does business, so we thought it might be helpful to share the changes we’ve made to the way we approach video production during COVID to put our clients’ minds at ease and hopefully provide some insight for other people looking to stay safe during their shoots. 

Like all businesses operating during the pandemic, we have put measures in place to ensure our team are able to work safely and still provide the best level of service.


We now have to wear masks whilst in public places such as shops and on public transport, and we will be carrying this over to our video productions during COVID too. Whilst we know you’d like to see our lovely faces; each member of our crew will be wearing a face mask and gloves during the shoot to protect everyone on set and will also carry hand sanitiser with them.

Sanitised workspace and equipment

Just like in all other workplaces that are operating during this difficult period, we will be making sure that our workplace (the set) and all equipment we use is thoroughly sanitised. All of our equipment, as well as any objects or surfaces that need to be interacted with, will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after the shoot. Plus, no person being filmed will need to come into contact with our crew or equipment.

Camera adjustments

Positioning the camera in the optimal place is a crucial part of getting the best shot, but certain shots will not be possible to be carried out safely due to proximity. Following the government advice of social distancing, we will position our cameras at least 2 metres away from the subject being filmed, and the crew will remain at this distance too.

Our priority is to keep everyone safe, but we don’t want to sacrifice quality or produce an inferior video as a result of these restrictions. That’s why we’re using creative workarounds that still get us the shots we want, but without breaching any measures that ensure the safety of the cast and crew. For example, where an interview is being conducted, we will use a zoom (Telephoto) lens – this allows us to capture a close-up shot but from further away than our normal set-up.

Audio recording adjustments

In many situations, a clip-on microphone is the most convenient way to record dialogue. However, it isn’t the only method, and in the current climate of social distancing, getting close enough to someone to properly set up their personal microphone presents too much unnecessary risk. 

This is why, for our video productions during the COVID pandemic, we will only be using a shotgun/boom microphone for our audio recording. This allows us to still get high-quality audio whilst staying a safe distance from the subject.


We can travel anywhere in the UK for filming, but we will be keeping ourselves well informed of local restrictions such as curfews and regional lockdowns that could affect our ability to complete the production. We will also be closely monitoring the situation to see what other locations we are able to visit outside the UK, beyond this point, providing it is safe and responsible to do so.

Video production during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, but it doesn’t mean we have to compromise on quality. 

On each shoot, once we know all the measures to keep our cast and crew safe are in place, we can look to equipment alterations, creative cinematography, or location changes, if necessary, to deliver the high-quality video that our clients deserve.