Are you using promotional videos to promote your products or your brand? If not, why not? Promotional videos are very effective at reaching your audience and ultimately making conversions. Here’s a little bit more about promotional videos and why they are so important.

What is a promotional video?

Promotional videos, also known as promo videos, are videos that are designed to advertise and promote a product, sale, event or marketing initiative. Promotional videos come in a range of forms, and some other common video types such as instructional how-to videos and behind the scenes videos can actually be promotional videos for a specific product or brand. Making use of promotional videos can be incredibly beneficial for your brand – here’s why it’s so effective.

Video is attention-grabbing

Now that audiences are inundated with content, particularly on social media, brands have to work harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. Because you aren’t working exclusively with static visuals, but also employing movement and sound, video gives you a much better chance to catch your audience’s eye. 

Video naturally grabs attention more than static ads do, and are more engrossing, encouraging the viewer to watch and listen for the video’s full runtime to see what the payoff is, or how it ends.

Video helps to create a connection with the audience

Video is an immersive medium that has the potential to connect more directly with your audience. Through the use of evocative music, dynamic images and endearing characters (fictional or real), you have a chance to take your audience on an emotional journey as they watch your video. This doesn’t mean you need to make an epic tear-jerker to promote a new product; you just need to evoke the emotions that you want your brand or products to inspire.

Video allows you to convey more information

Static ads and promotions are limited to how much information you can convey without them simply becoming a block of text. Adverts shouldn’t have your audiences reading long passages anyway, but promotional videos allow you to deliver your information in short, dynamic bursts.

This can be done through titles on the screen, dialogue, narration, or even just through demonstration in the visuals themselves. By using video, you won’t need to cut out the important information that your audience needs to know.

Video can be used across multiple channels

One final reason promotional videos are so important to brands is that they can be used across multiple channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, all social media platforms, as well as live events. 

You may need to make different edits of your video to meet the length or file size requirements of certain platforms, but you can use the same core video across all these channels. Longer cuts can be saved for live events and your website, and shorter, teaser-style cuts work well in ad spaces and on certain social media platforms.

Hopefully, you now understand why promotional videos are so important to brands who want to increase their exposure and make a stronger connection with their audience. Video should absolutely be included in your marketing strategy if it isn’t already, and a new promotional video can be employed whenever you have a new product, sale, or event to promote. If you need help getting started with a promotional video for your brand, then get in touch and see how we can help.