In some of our previous blogs, we’ve discussed how video is a great marketing tool because it can help you to make an emotional connection with your audience. But, why is that so important?

If you’re trying to sell a functional product or service, you may think that creating a connection with your audience is secondary to factors such as delivering product information or outlining your USP and why you are a cut above the competition.

However, while these factors are incredibly important, an emotional connection can be a key reason that a customer chooses one brand over another, even if the other is offering a better price or boasting more sales. Here are some of the reasons connecting with your audience is essential and how you can do it using video.

The importance of an audience connection

Audiences are more likely to remember your brand

When audiences watch a video that they feel an emotional connection, they are much more likely to remember the video and, by association, your brand. This is just like when we meet new people; if we emotionally connect with someone, we are more likely to remember details about them. If your video isn’t memorable, any instant impression you created can be quickly lost in the sea of online content.

It develops trust

To connect with your audience, you need to know how they are feeling, and what they want from your brand. An emotional connection with your audience develops trust and lets them believe that you will follow through on the promises you make in your video, whether that’s promises about the product, your customer service or your brand in general.

It gives the impression you hold the same core values

Just as an emotional connection develops trust, it can also convince your audience that you share the same core values. For example, if you are an eco-focused brand and your video highlights the importance of sustainability by showing the tangible, devastating impact of unsustainable practices, then your audience knows that you share the same goal and that you aren’t just trying to sell products.

They’re more likely to leave reviews

If you have left an impression on a customer, they are much more likely to want to leave a positive review and help your business to thrive. If they feel that their investment in your business is just a drop in the bucket, they will probably think that their feedback doesn’t matter.

How to make an emotional connection with your audience

Now that you have some idea of why it is so important to create an emotional connection with your audience, how do you put it into practice with your video marketing?

Tell a relatable story and use relatable characters

Relatability is at the heart of creating an emotional connection. This doesn’t have to be fictional either; the real testimonial of one of your customers that shows that you understand their needs and provided a solution can be relatable for many. If you do opt for a fictional narrative, then try and tap into something universal, a feeling anyone in your target audience can relate to.

Use emotive music

Emotive music is always a good way to evoke certain reactions and make your audience feel what you want them to at key points in your video. Sometimes visuals alone can leave it ambiguous as to what the audience should be feeling, but sound is an excellent guide.  

Remember it doesn’t have to be sad to be emotive

Your video doesn’t have to tell a sad or heart-wrenching story to be emotive; it can be joyful, uplifting, inspirational, or thought-provoking. Your video should use the emotions that you want your audience to associate with your brand or your particular product or service offering.

Connecting with your audience is essential if you want your brand to be memorable and to build lasting brand loyalty. One of the best ways to create this connection is to create an emotive, relatable video, so if you want to get started on your video marketing journey, give us a shout and see how we can help!