There are so many different ways to market a brand or business in the digital age, both off and online. Multiple social media platforms, websites, live events and print advertising mean that any business can enjoy a tailored marketing approach that is most likely to hit their key demographic. All businesses can benefit from video marketing. It is one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing in the modern climate and is so versatile in the ways it can be executed. Here, we’ve put together some reasons why video marketing is so powerful.

Visuals and sound

Both visuals and sound are simply more ways you can put an identity to your brand. The way you choose your video to look and the type of music you choose represent your brand with a vividness that your words may not be able to.

Video is a sensory medium and can include breathtaking imagery and unforgettable music which keep an audience thinking about what they’ve seen long after they’ve stopped watching. It also leaves them more likely to share their experience with others.

Connects directly with an audience

Video marketing is so powerful because of how it can connect with an audience. Whilst most of us see relatable content daily on social media, an immersive video that resonates with a viewer will create a long-lasting sensation that sticks with them after they’ve finished watching. If you know your target audience well enough, it’s possible to create a video that will make the viewer feel as though it has been made just for them.

Holds user attention

The type of content people engage with these days is a lot shorter. Most marketing now is seen by people as they scroll on their mobiles or when browsing on their laptops, but it is rarely taken in and is swiped away in a blur with everything else. A video with an intriguing tagline or thumbnail, however, is much more likely to be clicked and watched because it grabs attention.

This is another reason why video marketing is so effective – video is an immersive experience. No other form of marketing allows an audience to lose themselves quite so completely in it whilst taking up such a small amount of time. Much like the way we watch films, real life fades away behind us for the duration and we’re lost in a new world for the running time.

You can make it as emotive as you want to

Using video for your marketing allows you to set the tone you want. Whether your video focuses on your product, your staff or your ethos, you can make something that evokes the desired reaction in your audience. This doesn’t mean you have to create a tearjerker – videos can be aspirational and inspire an audience to take action, they can make people laugh and put them in a better mood or they can provide sobering food for thought. The possibilities are endless.

Many different layers to consider

The best video content has different layers for audiences to unpick. Much as we watch films and TV shows we’ve seen again and again, if your video is entertaining and informative, your audience will come back to view it again. They will want to see if there’s anything they missed, show it to someone else or just feel the sensations they did when they watched it for the first time.

Videos can also take many different forms and can be as direct or subversive as you choose them to be. For example, a video dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event may take the form of a direct appeal, laying out the facts and asking for help. Alternatively, it could take the form of a narrative that hooks you in and makes you care about the characters, before revealing in the third act the effect that the crisis has had on them, with a call to action at the end.

Hopefully, you understand a little better now why video marketing is so powerful. It really is a versatile and effective medium and one you really should look into if you’re not already using it to promote your business. 

If you have any questions about how you can use powerful video marketing to promote your business, you’re welcome to get in touch.