No matter how good your content is, if you’re not using video marketing, then you’re missing a trick. There are many benefits of video marketing, but they all amount to the same thing; a higher level of audience engagement.

This is where the creativity comes in – you need to get your key message across in video form whilst also keeping it engaging. You can’t get overload your audience with information or they’ll lose interest and move on. 

However, a video that’s all style and no substance may impress your audience upon viewing, but they’ll forget what the point was, and maybe even the company name, shortly after it’s ended.

It’s all about getting the balance right and if you can, you’re on to one of the most effective forms of promoting your business. Here’s why:

People are more likely to watch than read

Watching requires less effort than reading on the part of your audience – in essence, the video does the reading for them. It’s much easier to watch a video on a small screen than it is to read large amounts of text. Even at home, people have become so accustomed to easily consumable content that they will opt for it even if they have more time to spare.

Think of how much video content is consumed on a daily basis – on smartphones, computers, televisions and all other manner of screens. On commutes, breaks, at home or out socialising, people are always watching something, so it might as well be something that promotes your business.

Videos are easily shared

Videos are also one of the easiest forms of content to share. Most videos only require a couple of clicks to appear on the viewer’s choice of social media platform, where they are instantly exposed to an entirely new audience who may not have otherwise come across them.

This is easily one of the biggest benefits of video marketing; your audience does your advertising for you. If the video is engaging enough, be it moving, thought-provoking, inspiring or just plain funny, your audience will want to share it with their social media following, and you’re the one who will reap the benefits. This is the age of sharing content, and nothing is shared more often than video.

They emotionally connect with your audience

Another great benefit of video marketing is that it can establish an emotional connection that will resonate with your audience after the video has finished. Because video works on a multisensory level, it engages with the audience in a substantial way.

By no means does your video have to be a cinematic epic to be effective. But, just consider the way a poignant film soundtrack can evoke tears, a compelling narrative can keep people on the edge of their seats, and how an epic visual spectacle can leave an audience awestruck, staring at the screen. Video has a way of drawing an audience into its world and getting them emotionally invested in a way that resonates with them long after it has finished.

Search engines love video

Video is great from an SEO standpoint too. Videos that are hosted on your own site will provide a valuable source of backlinks when the video is linked to from third-party websites. And if it’s compelling enough, it will generate links! If you’re desperate to be high up in the search results, then you need to be using video marketing.

You should also make use of the number one arena for sharing content: social media. While YouTube seems like the obvious options, video is just as at home on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s possible to use your video, or a portion of it, as an advert in order to promote click-throughs and traffic to your site.

It’s the simplest, quickest and most effective way to put a message out there

While the making of a video to promote your business may not seem like the simplest or quickest way of getting your message into digital form, once you have it, the marketing becomes almost effortless and incredibly effective. As mentioned earlier, your audience is more likely to engage with it in the first place and, if they like what they see, they will share and advertise it for you.

The ability to share your video so easily across a number of different platforms is also one of the key benefits of video marketing; on your own website, video hosting sites or as adverts, it is quicker and easier than ever to share video and reach different groups of people with minimal effort.

The effectiveness of your video depends on what suits your message. Over-the-top productions with flashy gimmicks aren’t necessarily what will resonate with your audience. Some of the most poignant videos that get to the heart of the matter in the simplest way possible, with a stripped back style that can stand out in a time of saturation.

Here at Sharp Films, we believe in your message and we want to create a video that is most effective for your business. Get in touch and see how we can help!